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Mad Scientist #34: Celebrate Mad Scientist's 20th Anniversary!

Mad Scientist #34 is ready to ship! This issue marks the 20th anniversary of Mad Scientist, which started out as a modest little home-printed digest and eventually became a modest, full-sized magazine. To celebrate, coverage of a properly celebratory film was needed. So this issue features a full exploration of Toho's monster-mash, Destroy All Monsters!

Exclusive! This issue features, for the first time in print, a photo of the ultra-rare (only one copy known) Japanese Style B or Countryside poster for
Destroy All Monsters! No copies of this poster were known to exist until one surfaced in 2018! See it here first!

There's a ton of other stuff here too. Check it out and order at left!

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Last updated March 10, 2021.


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#34 (Winter 2021)


  • A full-color cover by Jeff Zornow
  • I Bid You Welcome... (Editorial)
  • Destroy All Monsters (1968)!
  • Best EC Science Fiction Comic covers!
  • Peter Cushing!
  • Pulp Pterodactyls!
  • Monster Movie Music!
  • The Mummy's Curse (1944)!
  • Plus the ultra-rare Style B Destroy All Monsters poster and more!


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